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Whether you need to reach Israel advocates, tourists, consumers or thought leaders, the Israel Media Network supplies proven results through targeted and engaging online campaigns. What keeps our advertisers coming back is not only our large reach, but our knowledge of what works with our pro-Israel audience.


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ETeacher Group – Senior Media Buyer – Gal Simon

ETeacher has been working with the Israel Media Network for many years on a limited scale. We had great ROI with them and they kept delivering relevant leads with high conversion to paying customers. Last year we decided to increase our activity with them. I had high expectation from the pilot we designed together and was amazed to see results better than what I could imagine. I was still skeptical we could maintain those results further, but they kept delivering month after month with no exceptions and became one of the most important elements of my media plan. I attribute this success to a very relevant and engaged audience, a dedicated team and the Israel Media network’s general approach of innovation and pushing forward. It is a great pleasure to work with people who understand your needs and doing everything in their power to help you to achieve your goals. I believe any advertiser would benefit greatly working with them.


CJCUC – Executive Director – David Nekrutman

As the Executive Director for the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) and Co-Founder of the Day to Praise, I am extremely grateful to staff of the Israel Media Network in increasing our online presence to advance a new chapter in Jewish-Christian relations. Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Ayal Kellman and Shlomo Schreibman truly understand our mission and provide us with sound advice to achieve the organization’s goals. I look forward to working with them again.




Sarah Feld Designs

Without exception, everyone at the Israel Media Network has been courteous, friendly and organized. Each time my jewelry appeared, I received a message that it was up. And the sales were listed clearly with the necessary info for me to send them out. I appreciated that they rotated the various products they advertised, on each of their sites, giving each one ‘prime time’ as opposed to so many sites where the product is one of many pictures and information that the buyer scrolls through. Questions were answered and necessary changes were made soon after requesting them. I find the staff to be upbeat and enthusiastic and look forward to continuing our relationship. IMN added delightful, enticing explanations about each pendant, based on the information I gave them. I was impressed that in the first month alone, quite a few pendants were sold to people from around the world: USA, England, Switzerland…. and that several bought more than one.


Pinlight, L.L.C, Co-Producer Torah Codes End to Darkness – Terri Tilton

I am the co-producer of “Torah Codes End to Darkness” and we have had the distinct pleasure of working with the Israel Media Network and Breaking News. After receiving the DVD of our film they interviewed Richard Shaw, the Director and Producer of “Torah Codes End to Darkness” which has led us to a wonderful working relationship with Shlomo Schreibman. It has been such a pleasure to do business with him. Our invoices have always been paid promptly and they have always gone the extra mile to promote our product which has resulted in consistent sales. Israel Media Network is always current in its news coverage and always looking for new stories to provide to their readership.



City of David  –  Director of Outreach-  Anarina Heymann

We have worked together with Israel365 and the Israel Media Network on a number of campaigns to help us enlarge our database and increase awareness regarding the very important work done through the excavations at the City of David (Ancient Jerusalem). Israel 365 delivered great service in building the message as well as successfully reaching our audiences.



 Cause Match – Founder – Joseph Bornstein

Cause Match has had an excellent experience working with the Israel Media Network. Thanks to their help with strategy and step-by-step assistance, they have been able to streamline our ability to help clients share their story and message with a much wider audience. And they have been able to help our clients earn money through promoting their campaigns through Israel Media Network’s distribution channels. For example, one client saw a 175% return on investment for their advertising campaign with the Israel Media Network. Their audience is passionate about Israel and actively engaged in Israel Media Network’s content. Further, the team at Israel Media Network are committed to genuinely helping their clients and truly professional in their execution.


Jerusalem Nano Bible – Ben Eshel

Working with the Israel Media Network is an absolute pleasure for us. All the way from managing ongoing campaigns, dealing with problems, promoting products through finance and customer support. They have always been 100% available for questions and issues. On top of all – sales have been great! The great promoting tools Israel Media Network are offering have been really successful.


Jerusalem Post Group – V.P. Digital & Business Development –  Maor Davidovich

Working with the Israel Media Network was a great success from the first step. IMN assisted us with the promotion of the our annual Jerusalem Post Conference helping us reach a new audience in the Evangelical and Jewish market through targeting a specific crowd we wanted to reach. The IMN also kindly sat down with us and gave us key advice for our Christian edition in terms of content and marketing. We were extremely satisfied with the professional advice we received and the service from Tuly and Shlomo was perfect throughout the campaign. They really partner with you and think long term.


Karmey Chesed – Founder – Aryeh Weingartan

שלום אני מנכ”ל עמותת “כרמי חסד” מאוד נהנה לעבוד עם שלמה איל וכל הצוות של ישראל מדיה נטוורק. הם נחמדים ומאוד מקצועיים העבודה במשך יותר משנה עזרה הרבה ל”כרמי חסד” היום מכירים את העמותה הרבה אנשים בחו”ל שלא ידעו עלינו קודם וגם נוספו לנו תורמים חדשים הם נותנים שירות אישי ומענה לכל שאלה.


ברוק משה – סמנכ”ל מכירות – שעוני עדי קבוצת יבנה

שעוני עדי מקבוצת יבנה  בקשרי מסחר  עם ישראל 365  מזה כשנה.  באמצעות האתר של  ישראל 365  גדל יצוא  שעוני היודאיקה שאנו מייצרים. קשרי המסחר מתבססים על אמון הדדי , על היצירתיות והאפקטיביות של קבוצת האנשים המנהלת אתר המשלב יכולות הסברה וסקרנות לגולשים . הפעילות היפה משפיעה בהתאם על מכירותינו . ואנו שמחים מאוד על שיתוף הפעולה.ו





1408, 2017

Using Petitions to Generate Attention, Momentum and Leads Case Study: The Hebron Fund

When UNESCO World Heritage committee in early July voted to designate Hebron’s Old City and the Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian territory, The Hebron Fund immediately acted. Working with Israel Media Network (IMN), a division of Israel365, the fund ran a digital petition campaign, capturing nearly 40,000 new emails and a list of people passionate about the Bible and the State of Israel including Jews, Christians and the unaffiliated.

How did they do it?

In this article, I’ll break down the key components of what made The Hebron Fund’s “UNESCO is throwing the bible into the garbage!” campaign a success on all fronts and how you can do it, too.


Nothing creates an action for advocacy like an urgent deadline or timely event (and nothing promotes procrastination like a vague one). One way to create urgency is to link your own cause with a current event. The UNESCO vote opened a door for The Hebron Fund which IMN helped the Hebron Fund to walk right through…quickly.

Our well-written petition came out within days of the vote and communicated the urgency of the problem and the need for action.


If you are as outraged as I am, let your voice be heard and sign our petition to keep UNESCO’s hands off Jewish Hebron.

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Israel.

Hebron’s Jewish history is indisputable. From Abraham’s purchase of the Machpela Cave (Genesis 23), there has been 3,800 continuous years of Jewish presence in Hebron. The Jewish people and their history must not be removed.

UNESCO must hear loud and clear that the Palestinians are creating a fake history ploy against Israel. If you agree, sign the petition to keep Hebron a Jewish city.

IMN used a related trigger video created by Boomerang for the Hebron Fund before the vote, leveraging existing content to meet the challenging deadline.


Petitions allow you to generate attention and momentum around an issue. An online petition is one that can be signed through your website, emailed to others and posted on Facebook and Twitter. By running an online petition, you enable those passionate about an issue to join you in taking action.

It’s important to keep petition language short and simple. IMN recommends between one and three paragraphs in length.

State your goals clearly by focusing on what you want to achieve with this campaign. Your goal should be specific and achievable.

For The Hebron Fund petition, we wrote:

Sign the petition to keep Hebron a Jewish city.

Craft your message to pull people toward your campaign. Focus on what drives your audience and how best to communicate with them. In this case, The Hebron Fund was focused on Bible-believing Jews, Christians and others.

Draw on emotions. For example, we wrote: If you are as outraged as I am, let your voice be heard.

Emphasize the critical importance of the cause ie.: Keep UNESCO’s hands off Jewish Hebron.

Tell them something they might not have thought about, such as: UNESCO is throwing the Bible into the garbage.

Successful petitions are engaging, interesting and even a little shocking. Being bold often makes the most valuable petitions. However, it is important to be accurate and honest in your message. Additionally, presenting what you plan to do with the petition adds an extra element of inspiration for people to sign, ie.: This Petition will be sent to UNESCO.


You must be very strategic about your call to action (CTA), because it is this action that will bring about the engagement you desire. The CTA should first and foremost be actionable. Next, it should not be something people find extremely difficult to do.

To compel people to join your petition, make the CTA obvious and large:

Don’t be afraid to repeat the CTA more than once and even up to five times in a single email engagement. The Hebron Fund email offered people to participate three times.


Using digital tools allows for instant engagement. Email subscribers and social media surfers can like, share, comment (click and donate) immediately when you use digital tools. Digital also puts your work in front of people who might not normally be interested in what you are doing. This is especially important when you are trying to promote a cause or generate an immediate response.

One of the ways The Hebron Fund and IMN reached so many people was by sending the blast through multiple partner lists. For example, The Hebron Fund blasted its petition to Israel365’s list of more than 200,000 subscribers and to The Jerusalem Post email marketing list.


The Hebron Fund’s UNESCO petition/cause marketing campaign generated close to 40,000 new email addresses, which IMN captured through a series of optimized Unbounce landing pages, which had an over 50% conversion rate. All the emails were captured and organized based on their origin, allowing The Hebron Fund to target these individuals for future campaigns.

Follow up is an essential aspect of any petition campaign. Organizations should update signees about the progress of their work and the impact the petition is having.

Since the July campaign, The Hebron Fund has continued to inform signees about the petition and its plans to present the petition to the United Nations. Dan Rosenstein, Executive Director of The Hebron Fund, stated, “Any organization can put up an online petition. But with IMN’s team of designers, copywriters and marketers we were able to leverage their expertise to yield extraordinary results for a time-sensitive campaign.”

The Hebron Fund’s petition planted seeds to a much larger community around Hebron causes. Now, the Fund is working with IMN on newsletters and other communication campaigns that will further interest signees in the greater work of the organization, create deeper engagement and prime them to give donations in the future.

By Shlomo Schreibman
Director, Israel Media Network

1406, 2017

How Much is a New Donor Worth

One of the most important metrics for any non-profit organization is the value of a new donor.
This metric is important for several reasons.

1. It tells how much you can afford to spend, on average, to cultivate a new donor.
2. It gives you a guideline for understanding how to balance your efforts to find new donors vs. your efforts to hold onto your current donors.
3. It provides a way to evaluate different approaches to acquire new donors and figure out which work best.

Everyone is happy to immediately make money from a new donor campaign. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

If an organization wants to grow, it needs to invest in new donor acquisition. In a recent study of 35,000 donors to institutions of higher education over a 20-year period, the lifetime value of a new donor was 18 times the initial donation amount! Therefore, even if the institution just financially broke even on the initial donor acquisition campaign, it was well worth the investment in the long run. Calculating lifetime value gives a guideline for knowing how much you can afford to invest.

In a study conducted by the Israel Media Network focused on life time value of leads (not donors), The Israel Media Netowrk asked one question:  what month do you break even with a variety of email blast from 3rd party lists directed at adding new subscribers to your list? We tested this question from efforts made in the past 18 months to 600,000 subscribers (combination from 6 different lists).

Money spent in month 1: $6,500

Return in month 1: $902

in 3 months: $1,925

in 7 months: $5,662

in 12 months: $10,025

in 18 months: $18,342

Conclusion: The roi over time is tremendous and even a short 18 month test helps reflect the true value of a new lead vs month 1 conclusion. This information is crucial when building an online strategy and knowing how long you need to wait to cover your costs. In this case: the client broke even in month 9.

Calculating the Lifetime Value of a New Donor

In order to figure out what the lifetime value of a new donor is to your organization, you need to know two things

  1. What is the average annual donation amount per donor? This is the total amount of money raised from your donors divided by the number of donors.
  2. What is the average lifetime of a donor? This is the inverse of the annual attrition rate – the percentage of your donors who drop off each year and stop giving.  

Lifetime Value = Average Annual Donation Amount X Average Lifetime of a Donor

For example, if last year you had 1,000 donors and you raised $80,000 dollars, your average annual donation per donor would be $80.  

To figure the average lifetime of a donor, you need to look at what percentage of your donors drop off from one year to the next.  This is your annual attrition rate.  Average donor lifetime is equal to the inverse of the annual attrition rate.  For example If, on average, you hold onto 80% of your donors from year to year, then your attrition rate is 20% and your average donor lifetime is 1/20% = 5 years.  It’s helpful to have historical data for 5-10 years to make an accurate calculation.

In our example, with an average donation amount of $80/year and and average lifetime value of 5 years, the average lifetime donor value will be $80 X 5 = $400

Refine Your Lifetime Value Calculation by Segmenting Your Donor Base

An organization can get a lot more value out of its calculation by segmenting its donors. This means splitting donors into different groups and calculating lifetime value for each.

Categorizing by source is one of the most useful ways to segment. These important questions help you to know the lifetime value of a donor.

For example:

  • What is the average lifetime value of donors who come from direct mail lists vs. email lists?
  • Which lists produced the most donations, not just immediately but over the lifetime of the new donors?  

There are other ways to segment as well, for instance by the amount of the first donation, by the type of campaign that generated the new donor, by geography, etc.  

Keeping track of the lifetime value of a donor gives you the knowledge to help maximize your client acquisition efforts and that is money well spent.

Submitted by Shlomo Vile
PPC and Social Media Director, IMN

Shlomo Vile made aliyah to Israel in 2010 and for over 15 years has been helping non-profit organizations raise money and cultivate new supporters with the tools of direct and digital marketing.   

2303, 2017

6 Questions To Ask Before Renting an Email List

One of the most effective methods for growing your business or organization’s email list, getting donations to your cause, and building your brand is through “renting” an email list. Though a costly endeavor, email marketing can reap valuable long-term benefits for your organization.

Following years of experience with various lists, Israel Media Network has learned a thing or two about getting the most bang out of your email buck.

Here are six questions you must ask before renting an email list:

  1. What is the open and click-through rate (CTR)?

I always ask publishers what open and CTR can be expected from their subscribers. Unfortunately, more often than not, many publishing houses only provide a vague answer such as, “It depends”, “No guarantees”, or something even more ridiculous such as “Anywhere from 1-50%” or even a larger range!  

Though we all need to keep our expectations realistic, organizations are entitled to a clear idea of the value of investing in an email list. A reference or two is always helpful. If a publisher gives evasive answers, perhaps it is a good idea to shop elsewhere.

So, always ask the publisher: What open and click-through rates can I expect for my specific investment?

  1. What is the list size vs. the time that I need to invest?

There are some amazing lists out there. They have an engaged readership and match your exact target audience. However, if a list is too small, it might not be worth your valuable and limited time. Ensuring that emails are well written and properly designed takes time, creativity and energy.

Pre-testing emails can also be a challenge. Perhaps a list will give you a good return-on-investment (ROI) for the money that you spent. But, the amount of time invested might not be worth your while.

So, ask: How much of my personal time will I need to invest to ensure that my mailings are written, designed, and tested properly?

  1. What geographic area do you seek?

No doubt, you know the geographic area of your target audience (or you should). For example, if most of your purchases or donations come from North America, Brazil and New Zealand, you might want to check that the lists you are using have a subscriber base that reflects those geographics. An even better idea is to ask the publisher if he can segment his list to the region that you want to reach.

So, ask: What are the geographics for your list and can it be organized so that I just pay for those I seek to reach?

  1. What are the interests of people on your list?

Different list attract different interests. For example, some Jewish and Christian lists are geared towards Bible believers, Israel lovers, or Palestinian supporters.

A publisher might be able to provide you with all the statistics you seek in terms of open and click-through rates. They may even have some impressive clients and strong ROI success stories. But, will that information help you if the interests of people on the list don’t match the goal of your organization?

So, ask: What are the interests of people on your list and how do you know?

  1. Can we do A-B testing?

Email blasts are proven to be awesome for building business. In a world where people have a limited attention span and even less time, getting your message out in the quickest and most effective way, like with a well designed email blast, is your best chance to grab attention. Email blasts are often more effective than social media campaigns. On the other hand, they can be very costly.

Therefore, running an A-B test of your subject line, creative and landing page is a great way to learn what works best in the field. A-B testing enables you to reduce the risk of running an ineffective campaign.

So, ask: Can we do A-B testing with a small list and once we see what works, we will use your entire list?

  1. Is my organization important to your business?

Case study: A client asked us to spend a big part of their marketing budget on a large Christian email list with 150,000 email subscribers. We contacted this well-known publisher who also manages websites and publishes a print magazine with a circulation of 100,000 monthly subscribers. Their large database implied that their subscribers are engaged.

IMN created an optimized and beautiful email for our client and spent thousands of dollars with this publisher for their list. To our great disappointment, the results were abysmal on many levels. Not only did we not get the engagement that we expected based on the publisher’s assurances, but the publisher took no responsibility for their “dead” list and offered no compensation or a second chance to win our trust.

 Though full blame for a poor campaign cannot always fall on the publisher, at the bare minimum, a client is entitled to excellent customer service and a sense that their business is important.

So, always ask the publisher: What will you do to demonstrate that my organization is important to your business?

By asking these six questions before purchasing an email list, you almost guarantee that the hard-earned money you invest will reap the benefits you seek.

Shlomo Schreibman is Vice President of Israel Media Network, which specializes in marketing to the pro-Israel Evangelical crowd.


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