301% More People Give Through Crowdfunding

When talking about how to stick out in fundraising, one of the best ways to do that is through crowdfunding.

“Around the holidays, everyone is running some kind of campaign,” said Shlomo Schreibman, vice president of business development for Israel365. “Crowdfunding can differentiate your campaign.”

Schreibman said Israel365 has been using the CauseMatch platform because of its superior return on investment. According to statistics provided by CauseMatch:

  • 301% more people give on average to a CauseMatch campaign
  • 187% increase in average gift size to a CauseMatch campaign
  • 567% increase in average funds raised with a CauseMatch campaign

Schreibman said one should look for a platform that is user friendly, has good customer service, and reaches a solid conversion rate of no less than 20 percent and ideally as high as 50 percent.

“For some platforms, you pay a little extra in platform fees,” Schreibman explained. “But paying a little extra is definitely worth doing if you are going to achieve better results.”

There are three ingredients essential to running a successful crowdfunding campaign: urgency, empowerment and creative content. Start with a specific or special goal – something with a finite price tag. Add a countdown timer to make it feel urgent. Some people run 12- or even 24-hour crowdfunding campaigns.

“Israel365’s clients tend to run 30-day campaigns, which gives us time to A/B test and optimize messaging,” Schreibman said.

One of the greatest parts about fundraising is the community enthusiasm around a campaign. The area on a crowdfunding campaign that is most examined is the section that lists the donors and how much they gave.

Finally, be creative. Use storytelling techniques and offer a multi-touch approach – videos, articles and images – to draw potential donors to the page.

Case study:

In the months of August and September 2017, Israel365 we worked with Meir Panim to develop a strategy for their Rosh Hashanah campaign.


Meir Panim raised $262,644 in 30 days from more than 1,600 donors, including close to 700 new donors. This allowed Meir Panim to distribute an additional 70,000 meals to Israel’s needy.

Interested in a High Holiday crowdfunding campaign? Contact Shlomo Schreibman.

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